Pedestrian Peril

Pedestrian Peril

If you drive a car in Spain you must have experienced the same situations that I have.  We all understand that the actual experience of driving here is different but something I have never experienced before is the pedestrian being downright thoughtless in both their use of the road and their own safety.

My biggest nightmare is people walking behind a reversing car, why would you do such a stupid thing?   Although there are mirrors on the car the field of vision is still a bit restricted and it is harder to stop a car than a human being even if you are reversing slowly as you should, people just suddenly appear in your mirror from nowhere!

Again, on a road crossing, why do you assume that its ok to just automatically jump out and not allow a car stopping time, then leisurely stroll across the road gossiping, leaving the poor driver panting with fury and yes I know we are supposed to actually stop and let you walk across.  Nine times out of ten there is not so much as a thank you, just a raise of the arm is adequate.

One very important thing I learnt during my driving lessons many years ago that I have never forgotten, and has paid me many times over:   If you are at a road junction and indicating left do not pull out in front of the oncoming car which is indicating right until you physically see the car turning.

Having used a couple of swear words already I will almost certainly guarantee that as you put your foot on the accelerator to go a pedestrian will step out in front of the car!

Therefore, as we all get older, take a little more time to think as a pedestrian.  If you drive you will sympathise with the sentiments above to which I´m sure

By Scoop Carter