Police intervention saves child’s life

Both children were taken to the Vega Baja Hospital

The quick action of the Orihuela’s Local Police in the transfer of a four year old girl to a health centre of a four year old girl was, according to medical staff, decisive in saving her life.

The young girl, who was with her parents in the street, was breathing with great difficulty. She was also suffering from seizures and convulsions, which was seen by a passing police patrol.

The officers quickly picked up the girl with her parents and drove them to the nearest health centre where her situation was stabilised by emergency personnel until the arrival of a SAMU when she was transferred the Vega Baja hospital.

Local Police officers also went to the rescue a two-year-old boy, who had his hand caught in the a building elevator. Thy were able to free him with the help of an iron lever following which they moved him to  a health centre, for later transfer to the Vega Baja Hospital where his injuries were treated.

Both children are now out of danger.

The Councilor for Security, Mariola Rocamora, was extremely complimentary about the actions of the agents, commending their “prompt action and speed of intervention, thus ensuring the rapid treatment and recovery of the two children.”