Mayors call for unity on Valencia Day


Celebrations in Orihuela

Valencian Day was celebrated across the region last Tuesday with the two most notable ceremonies taking place in Orihuela and Torrevieja.

In Orihuela the event was celebrated in the Plaza del Carmen where the mayor, Emilio Bascuñana, called for unity saying that ‘The Valencian Community must show that it is completely united so as to prevent the work of separatists which is outside the framework of the law’

Music was provided by the Gines Perez de la Parra choir and the orchestra of the municipal Conservatory of Orihuela   

In Torrevieja meanwhile, in front of a gathering that was largely made up of town hall officials, mayor Jose Dolon raised the Spanish flag whilst the National anthem was played by the Union Musical Torrevejense.

Although the mayor didn’t refer to Catalonia by name he did say that it was a difficult time in another part of the country but here in Valencia people want very much to be part of the common cause which is Spain.