Santa Pola arrest for child pornography

Santa Pola arrest for child pornography

The National Police have detained one person in Santa Pola, another in Bizkaia and two more in Madrid for exchanging child pornography through the Internet.

They allege that, in addition to having images of child pornography files, the individual arrested in Santa Pola had initiated electronic contact with several underage girls. Thanks to the prompt action of the police, he was arrested and the children were prevented from being sexually harassed.

The investigation began when the police received information sent by a technology services company, which reported the use of its services to store and share child pornography in Spain.

On investigating the matter the agents were able to identify four people as allegedly responsible for these activities.

Initially, a man was located and detained in Sestao (Bizkaia), where he stored a large number of child pornography files on a mobile terminal used exclusively for this purpose, and hidden for the rest of his family.

A second individual was then arrested in Santa Pola, and in the course of the investigation, the agents found two further people in Madrid who were also be committing similar criminal acts.

One of them, in addition to activities related to child pornography, had stripped his partner’s sister naked without her consent, and subsequently distributed these images to third parties.

The final detainee was a man, resident in the Madrid town of Alcorcón, who stored pornographic material exclusively of girls between the ages of ten and fourteen.