La Mata Town Hall without air conditioning or drinking water all summer

La Mata Town Hall without air conditioning or drinking water all summer

The satellite Town Hall of the hamlet of La Mata, opened in July of 2010, has been over four months without air conditioning.

It is a four-storey building with huge windows that allows maximum sunlight inside the rooms, so in summer it is essential to have air conditioning. However, according to municipal sources, in June a thunderstorm caused the breakdown of the entire air conditioning system of the building since which time the city officials have been forced to endure the suffocating heat of the months of July and August.

The staff say that they are extremely angry that they have not had even the minimum conditions required by health and safety legislation in which to work.

A spokesman said they were told that there was no money to fix the problem as it was all being used for local investment.

To alleviate the heat they were provided with several fans, although the situation did not improve as all they did was to move the suffocating heat around the building.

As of today the employees still do not know when this problem will be resolved. They say that  now the summer is over, with the onset of winter, the situation will be reversed, with large open spaces becoming extremely the cold.

And not only have the staff been without airconditioning, it appears that, for several months, they have also been without drinking water with the central shut-off valve closed almost all day as a result of which they say that they are forced to use local catering establishments in the area.

They add that it is incomprehensible that a new building, which is only seven years old, is in such a dreadful state.

The building, located in Plaza Gaspar Perelló, originally cost 3,335,310 euros to build, and was financed by the FEIL Funds. It was designed by the architect Antonio López Sánchez, has a total area of ​​1,503 square meters, with a basement and four floors above ground level.

The building currently accommodates the departments of Public Road, Markets, Gender Violence, Municipal Registration, a Tourist Information point, AGAMED and a Local Police office.