Farage slams Eurocrats over handling of Catalonia violence

Farage addressing the EU Parliament

As he addressed the European Parliament in Strasbourg yesterday, Eurosceptic MEP Nigel Farage slammed the Eurocrats saying “If British police roughed up a Remain rally, the EU would scream blue murder. Yet they don’t even want to talk about violence in Catalonia.”

During the morning session the Commission chief Mr Juncker addressed the EU Parliament in Strasbourg to provide MEPs with an update on the Brexit talks, but made no mention of the situation in Catalonia.

Afterwards, Mr Farage said: “I think European citizens will be stunned that Mr Juncker comes here for his one appearance and there is absolutely no mention made of the dramatic events that have taken place inside a European Union member state that is allegedly a modern democracy.”

Prior to walking out of the chamber he added “The EU are turning a blind eye to police brutality. 900 people injured and not a dicky bird from Juncker following the shocking violence.” “Thank God we’re leaving.”

Mr Farage went on to criticise both the EU and Theresa May and their handling of BREXIT saying that the UK deserves a real Prime Minister and that the UK should be prepared to walk away if a satisfactory agreement cannot be reached.