Orihuela is safer than ever according to Minister


“Today Orihuela is safer than ever,” according to the Government Delegate, Juan Carlos Morgues.

The politician made his assessment during a visit to the city last week when he attended the Security Council brought about as a result of the recent terrorist attacks in Barcelona and Cambrils.

He said that according to data from the Ministry of the Interior, there are currently 42.4 crimes committed per 1,000 inhabitants, a figure that is almost half of that recorded back in 2007, when the figure was to 81.4 per 1000. Moragues said that this is due in large part to the “professionalism and efficiency” of the security forces.

Moragues highlighted the work being done to adapt the new security plan to the city of Orihuela and explained that “greater coordination between the National Police, Civil Guard and the Local Police is essential to ensure the very best preventive measures, especially at those events such as celebrations and fiestas that draw together a much larger number of people.

But despite the enhanced security state, which is now at Level 4, he emphasised that the city should continue as normal as Orihuela is not a “special target” for terrorists.

He explained that the security plan works to protect the places with the highest number of tourists as well as those emblematic areas, places of celebrations, and those strategic streets where passive safety measures, such as the placement of concrete planters, were recommended to prevent access of vehicles.