Further terrorist arrested following Barcelona and Cambrils attacks


Officers from the Intelligence Service of the Guardia Civil arrested a 24-year old individual, of Moroccan origin and resident in Spain, in Vinaròs (Castellon), on Friday, for collaborating with the terror cell responsible for the attacks in Barcelona and Cambrils (Tarragona) on 17 and 18 August.

The detainee maintained close relations with several of the terrorists that took part in the attacks in Barcelona and Cambrils, particularly with Abdelbaki Es Satty, the main instigator behind the terror cell.

The Guardia Civil investigation, which remains ongoing, is leading to the re-construction of the logistics activity of the cell, which dates back to the weeks preceding the attacks. The magnitude of the preparations uncovered following the explosion in the property use by the terrorists in Alcanar (Tarragona) required extensive activity comprising the stockpiling of substances, both of explosives precursors and others used to facilitate the commission of attacks.

In this stockpiling task, several members of the cell relied on support from the individual detained on Friday who, at the very least, facilitated his personal documents to purchase hydrogen peroxide, a key substance for manufacturing the explosive TATP. He also made transportation available to the terrorists which was used to move some of these explosive substances.

The numerous lines of investigation opened by the Guardia Civil following the attacks have focused on re-constructing the ties between the terror cell and other individuals, both at a national and an international level, with the ultimate aim of identifying all those individuals who may have collaborated at the different stages in the organisation and preparation of the terrorist activities of this cell.

Since 26 June 2015, the date on which the Ministry of Home Affairs raised the Counter-Terrorism Alert Level to level 4 (NAA-4), the law enforcement agencies have arrested a total of 201 Jihadi terrorists in operations carried out in Spain and abroad and a total of 246 since the start of 2015.

The Ministry of Home Affairs sends out a reminder that, through the initiative STOP RADICALISMOS, citizens can collaborate through a series of channels open to them so that, in a confidential and secure manner, they can notify the State law enforcement agencies of possible cases of radicalisation in their vicinity through the web page www.stop-radicalismos.es, the mobile phone app for citizens security alerts ‘Alertcops’ and the free hotline 900 822 066.