Illegal workers made to hide in farm manure


Farm manure which the workers were made to hide in to avoid arrest

The National Police have arrested two people in connection with alleged labour exploitation offense in an agricultural and livestock enterprise in Almoradí.

One of those detained is a businessman who allegedly made his employees – usually foreigners who were in the country illegally – hide in the farm’s compost heaps so as to avoid detection.

The Police began a joint investigation during which it was confirmed that the farmers had committed a number of irregularities in respect of labour laws. In addition, the farm did not have the required safety equipment and the owners rented small booths to the workers, inside the farm, which were designed to be used as living accommodation and which were also completely unsafe and unfit for purpose.

The police said that the pair hired foreigners who were residing the in country illegally but told them that in the event of a police inspection they must bury themselves in the piles of farm manure “to avoid detection”.

Following the arrests and charges the pair were released pending an appearance in court.