The Abbey Tavern’s 16th Birthday Celebration

The band were given rapturous applause after every song

The 2nd of September saw the Abbey Tavern celebrate their 16th birthday and they did it in style with the garden/stage area packed to capacity.  

They had ´The Liverpool Band´to entertain everyone and considering the Liverpool accents when they sang they are all surprising Spanish.  Juan on lead guitar, Chema was Lennon and played a variety of instruments in real life including a Rickenbacker guitar.  Jorge played bass and finally Ivan was Ringo on the drums.   Their whole appearance on stage was very authentic even playing similar instruments to which the Beatles aspired to.

The band were given rapturous applause after every song and so life like to listen to, singing along with the melodies was almost compulsory!

The Abbey was festooned with balloons and bunting with a surprise appearance of Mickey Mouse who mingled amongst the crowds for photographs.   Some mythical figure was strutting about on stilts with a gold beaked face mask dressed in a long black cloak both scaring the children and delighting them at the same time.

The Abbey staff worked very hard that night and are to be congratulated on a good night had by all.  

By Janet ´Scoop´Carter