Spain: “The worst watermelon campaign in Murcia in 5 years”

The month of July has been particularly hard for producers

The watermelon production volume in the area of Murcia has been great this year due to the good weather and the expansion of the acreage in recent years. However, the demand hasn’t grown at the same pace and the orders from regular customers have been reduced by a third, compared to the usual levels.

“There has been little consumption; the weather in the rest of Europe has not been suitable and the watermelon supply has been greater than the demand,” explains Jerónimo García.

The month of July has been particularly hard for producers, who have been forced to leave fruit unharvested in the fields given the lack of demand. Due to the high temperatures, the production has been great, with almost double the supply and with irregular sizes. The market could not absorb that without dire consequences.

García affirms that, at the moment, the prices paid at origin vary between 0.05 and 0.07 Euro per kilo; well below those obtained last year and not enough to cover the production costs. “A lot of money has been lost by the watermelon sector in Murcia this year.”

Jerónimo García – –