Lowest crime rate for 10 years


The Government delegate at the presentation of a joint operation between the Police and the Civil Guard in Alicante

Statistics released by the Ministry of the Interior last week show that the Comunitat Valenciana registered 45.8 crimes per thousand inhabitants during the second quarter of 2017, the lowest crime rate recorded during the last 10 yars.

Crime has declined in all three provinces, especially in Castellón, where the rate has dropped to 39.5 offenses per thousand inhabitants, followed by Valencia (44.7) and Alicante (49.1).

The Valencia Government delegate, Juan Carlos Moragues, released the figures for the second quarter of the year which were collected by the Ministry of Interior. “The results are very good as criminality continues to fall throughout the Comunitat,” said Moragues, who added that “security and stability are a fundamental necessity if the Community is to continue attracting tourists in such large numbers”

It is the very first time that the province of Castellón has recorded  a number below 40 crimes per thousand inhabitants, 39.5, which means that in a decade the province has reduced the rate from 50.1 To 39.5, a decrease of more than 10 points. In Valencia, the crime rate over the last twelve months stands at 44.7 crimes per thousand inhabitants, while in Alicante it has reduced to 49.1.

Moragues said that in a decade of reduction there had been an overall fall of 22.5 points the Comunitat from 68.3 crimes per thousand inhabitants in the year 2007 to just 45.8 in the second quarter of this year.

In terms of the number of actual offences the figure has reduced in Castellón from 11,635 in the first six months of 2016 to 10,578 in the first half of 2017, a decrease of 9.1%. In Alicante, the reduction was 2.5%, from 44,360 to 43,236, and in Valencia the drop was 1.9%, from 57,837 criminal offenses to 56,730.