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Torrevieja’s Quirónsalud Hospital has put an information centre in place which, during the summer, will move between many of the city’s busiest beaches offering information on skin protection against the excesses of the sun during the summer period.

The hospital will also be providing sun umbrellas which it will be place on the beaches of las playas del Cura, los Locos and la Mata in the first week of each holiday fortnight during the months of July and August.

Over five hundred umbrellas will be distributed on the beaches in an effort to make the beachgoers aware of the risks involved in exposing themselves to the sun without adequate protection.

The umbrellas will carry brochures with advice provided by specialists from Quirónsalud Torrevieja.

The summer months are a time of extreme risk for the skin if we do not know how to take care of it properly. We must follow the measures necessary to protect us from the effects of the rays of the sun and the serious consequences that they can have. These measures are especially important in people with white skin, blond or red hair, clear eyes, which burn easily or those with many freckles.

A specialist in dermatology at the Hospital Quirónsalud Torrevieja, Dr. Nuria Latorre, advises  people “to take protective measures for the skin against the damage caused by the rays of the sun, such as avoiding prolonged exposure to the sun between noon and 4pm. Look for shade, wear appropriate hats and glasses, avoid tanning booths and use a sun protection cream.

Dr. Nuria Latorre

“Regarding the use of sunscreen, Dr. Latorre says that “we should apply sunscreen 30 minutes before we leave the house, choose a sunscreen of factor 15 SPF or above and for those with light skin or who burn easily, at least factor 30 SPF. ”

All these measures should also be taken on cloudy days, as solar radiation also remains harmful on those days. In addition, Dr. Latorre warns that “anyone planning to spent time in strong sunlight should also avoid products with alcohol as well as perfumes and deodorants, as they can cause dark spots on the skin.”

She also says that parents should be especially aware of the dangers to young children highlighting certain prevention measures, including “avoiding direct sunlight for children under six months or minimizing sun exposure to children under three years of age”.