The Board of Directors of the Association de Vecinos in San Miguel de Salinas has warned of the dangers to minors and children of a newly built building in the town which is being wrecked by repeated vandalism.

According to local residents, just last Thursday a child was badly injured when a glass door, one of the main entry points to the building, was smashed, showering the child in glass and causing a number of gashes and cuts. A neighbour was quickly alerted and rushed the child to the town’s main Health Centre.

This recently built building is a leftover of the housing bubble. It has been completely finished, closed and has remained unopened for over 8 years. The apartment block is now owned by SAREB, a Government owned company which is responsible for the Management of Assets taken on following the restructure of the Banking System.

For years, the building has been used as a meeting place for children and adolescents the continued use of which is now thought to present a serious danger.

The association says that it has addressed the problem, both verbally and in writing, to the City Council and to the Councillor of Police, on many occasions, asking that it be properly secured the subject of regular patrols but to date there has been no action taken.