The PM in Estonia

Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy visited Spanish servicemen at Ämani Air Base (Estonia) on Tuesday, whom he thanked for their work because “they contribute to an increasingly safer Europe and Spain”.

​Rajoy, who travelled together with the Minister for Defence, María Dolores de Cospedal, acknowledged the work of the Spanish troops that operate in Estonia with the mission of protecting and strengthening its air space, in accordance with the commitments taken on within the framework of NATO.

The Prime Minister in Estonia

The deployment of the Spanish contingent corresponds to the rotation of the Baltic Air Police and runs from 3 May to 31 August.

During his visit, he claimed that the sacrifice of the Spanish servicemen converts this mission into a success. “More than 1 million Estonians are safer every time that our fighter planes patrol their air space.” As well as highlighting the efforts made by the crews of the F-18, the President of the Government underlined the work involved in maintaining the aircraft and in operating complex surveillance and communications systems.

Mariano Rajoy said that despite Estonia being one of the furthest NATO countries away from Spain, it is not distanced from our national interests. “Our security interests also lie in solidarity with our allies and in compliance with our international commitments”.

The Prime MInister declared that the Spanish troops based in Estonia “contribute to a safer Europe and a safer Spain”, and recalled that “they are constantly ensuring that our country can enjoy the level of well-being and economic development” that it currently has.

Following his speech, Mariano Rajoy posed for the traditional group photo with the military contingent and spoke with its members.

During his stay in Estonia, Mariano Rajoy also met up with the Prime Minister of the republic, Jüri Ratas, which holds the Rotating Presidency of the European Union.