The Wii U is DEAD! All attention turns away from the DYING console to the Nintendo SWITCH!


nintendo switch
nintendo switch

Why the WII U is Dying and THE SWITCH IS GROWING…..!

The “Wii U” was released in Spain on November the 30th 2012. It was made as an upgrade for the original Wii that barged its way into a top selling position for consoles worldwide.

It ended production on January the 31st 2017, but is still used in many house-holds as a staple console, and due to its ability to be handheld yet share its video to a TV, it is a very delightful and a fun console to use!

However, the Wii U is to say the least… bulky. It also doesn’t boast the portability factor like the Switch. Not to mention it weighs as much as the original Wii. In this factor it wasn’t a great upgrade in how it could be used, but it uniqueness gave it an edge in it’s lifetime!

The Wii U lived for 5 years, which in console terms is not too bad! Of course its nothing compared to Microsoft’s Xbox 360 which saw a MASSIVE lifetime of 11 years while still in production! During the U’s five years in production it has gone through 8 different generations, and has sold around 13 million units worldwide! It’s sales figures, although impressive was once again DWARFED by Xbox’s approximated 42 million units in the same period.

The Wii U was over powered by both the Nintendo 3DS and the Shift.

Both consoles are annihilating the Wii U in terms of factor, stats, form and price! The Switch is without a doubt, one of the more exciting consoles of this year, and boosts all of Nintendo’s power behind it and a wealth of game developers! It is extremely easy to customize thanks to its two Joy- Con remotes. And is a blast to play with! Its powerful, sleek and beautiful and boasts the handheld power of a console equivalent to a Porsche.

You can’t go wrong with the Switch and its everyday growing wealth of games! I mean come-on almost 3 million people have already bought it in its short three months! Why not join the fun?