Torrevieja generated 4% of all glass that was recycled in Spain last year

Torrevieja generated 4% of all glass that was recycled in Spain last year, according to data provided by Ecovidrio, the body that is responsible for the management and re use of the resource.

The townsfolk recycled a total of 2,434 tonnes, which means that each person recycled on average 28.9 kilos. This figure places Torrevieja well above the national average of 10.2 kilos per person.

The town also has containers distributed around the municipal area at an average of one container for every 130 residents, in total 649 of the recycling vessels in operation.

“In 2017 we are hoping to achieve an increase in glass recycling of 6%, which, once again, will entitle us the award that we also won last year for recycling the product,” explained the Councillor of Commerce, Manuela Osuna.

Fanny Serrano, the Councillor for the Environment, and the head of Ecovidrio, Roberto Fuentes, announced an initiative whereby more than 240 establishments in Torrevieja will participate in the campaign « Take note, recycle Glass »this summer.

This is a campaign in which the councils, Commerce, Hospitality and the Environment all work together. New recycling points will be added to those already in place around the town, on which cartoons and motifs will be painted which will hopefully make residents more aware.