The Municipal School of Rhythmic Gymnastics

Mayor, José Manuel Dolón, and the Councillor for Sports, Víctor Ferrández, have honoured Polina Berezina, the Torrevieja gymnast from the Municipal School of Rhythmic Gymnastics, after she was proclaimed champion of Spain in the Open category.

Also invited to the reception were the students of the Municipal School of Rhythmic Gymnastics who continue to spread the good name of Torrevieja across the world of sport.

The mayor complemented the gymnasts on the effort they put into their sport and the many sacrifices they are called upon to make as rhythmic gymnastics

He congratulated the Club making special mention of Monica Ferrández, who in addition to her work as a coach has been the mentor of Polina Berezina, accompanying her on so many trips and showing her the capacity for concentration and strength that she needs to have to reach the elite rankings in such a difficult sport. He also congratulated her family for supporting Polina’s dreams and making such sacrifices. He has wished her the best in her professional career and also in her life.

The Councillor for Sports also congratulated Polina “because very few gymnasts in Spain can achieve so much as you have already done.” He highlighted the grace and elegance of the sport in which “you have to work hard to perfect every detail, to transmit your feelings and to make art with the body and the equipment that you use.”

The gymnast spoke about the sacrifices involved in the life of an elite athlete and the changes to her life since she moved to Madrid. She said that she did not want to miss the opportunity to thank everyone for the messages of support from her friends and family “which make me feel more confident in myself and my performances.”

Coach, Monica Ferrández, said that “she has always been very proud of her because of her dedication and the many hours she works with her heart to perfect her routines.”

She said that the immediate challenge is now to obtain a place at the World Championship to be held in Pesaro (Italy) from August 30 to September 3, and in the long term, her participation in the Olympic Games in Tokyo 2020.