Winners Race 6

When the competitors and officials arrived at CTD for the fifth race day in the SAMM Spring Series 2017 they were greeted by a scene of total bedlam. Hoards of disable children were being treated to a host of water sport activities generously provided by various organisations. The was loud music, kids dancing, playing ball games, shouting, screaming whilst the various water craft were being launched and readied.

Winner Race 7

When the buoys were being laid to mark the course they had to be moved three times to avoid the ever enlarging area being used by the jet skis for joy rides.

Eventually the first race got underway at a late 11.45am in gentle 6 to 8 knot winds with six boats in contention. All other than Sirocco had a leisurely sail of four laps, except for having to avoid the jet skis, kids in Optimist dinghies, kids in kayaks, groups on large ribs or in Gamba dinghies and none of them paid any attention to the fact that there was a race going on and used the start/finish line to play around. Then, as a finale, they were joined by a guy performing stunts on a water jet flyboard right in front of the channel as the boats came ashore for the lunch break.

But everything was over, except for a couple of jets skis, by the start of the second race which again was fairly leisurely but in a slightly increased wind. There were some close tussles going on, especially between Norman in his Laser Radial, John in his Quba and George and Jack in the Gamba Shoestring Cuatro, who all finished within a minute of each other. The Areaz 20 Levanter, a new boat to the fleet led all the way and finished first on the water but was placed 4th after the handicaps were applied.

A good day which was enjoyed by all who took part and the last of the spring season. The autumn season is scheduled to start on September 10th.

After handicaps were applied, the winners of the first race were Jack, Bob and Jeff in the Gamba ‘Shoestring Cuatro’. The second race was won by John in the RS Quba ‘Lola’.