Next weekend the historic town of Orihuela comes alive with the yearly Moors and Christians celebrations with yet more colourful parades through the streets as thousands of people from far and wide converge on the city to celebrate this most important fiesta.

Orihuela is the perfect setting for this traditional Spanish Fiesta as the streets of the historic quarter are saturated in colour and noise as the parades and events take place. After the official presentation you’ll see the size and splendour of the various processions climaxing in the Grand Parade of the Moors and then the Christians.

The first celebration took place in 1974 and over the intervening years the ceremonies and the acts have become more elaborate and far more audacious.

The Fiesta de la Reconquista commemorates the battles for control of the land between the Moors and Christians as solemn parades, a number of mock battles featuring a great deal of noise and explosions and many other events take place in the city streets.

The symbol of Orihuela, the black eagle like bird, known as the ‘La Gloriosa Ensena del Oriol’ features highly in the programme, and even has its own parade!

Everything gets underway on Sunday 9th July at 19:30 with the Parade of the Abanderadas & Flower Offering in honour of the patron saints (Justa and Rufina) starting at la Glorieta Gabriel Miró and finishing at the Cathedral before moving to the Plaza del Ayuntamiento where the dignitaries will be presented on the town hall balcony.

You will be able to see a full programme of all the parades and details for transport to the city from the Orihuela Costa in next week’s Leader Newspaper.