GASP Theatre (Gran Alacant and Santa Pola Theatre Group) will be performing “Just The Ticket”  on 27th and 28th May at the Santara Life Resort, (formerly Life Resort) Gran Alacant. “Just the Ticket” carried on from “18 Shady Greens” performed in 2015. 

Rodney Fletcher has embezzled several thousand pounds from his golf club in the UK.  His wife found out and attempted to murder him by pushing him down the cellar steps, but, did he die?

No, he didn’t because here he is again living on the Costa Blanca together with his old housekeeper, Cummings, keeping a low profile while his wife is drinking herself silly on the Algarve. Suddenly, his peace is shattered when his old friend and co-conspirator, Gerald, turns up. 

Gerald tells Rodney that he has won the lottery, but dare not claim as this would draw attention to himself. At this point enter two girls who are looking for somewhere to live for a few weeks, and they offer to cash in the ticket.  But, are they really as nice as they seem, and what of Cummings, is she as innocent as she appears?

GASP is an international group, with British, French and Spanish members.  They are keen to meet possible new members from the Gran Alacant/Santa Pola areas.  As always, a donation from ticket sales will be made to Cruz Roja, Santa Pola.

For ticket sales, and interest in membership telephone David on 966 181 113 or email gasptheatre@hotmail.co.uk.