By Jonathan Gilchrist, Costa Blanca’s Top Hypnotherapist

Summer is the most uplifting time of year and its coming up FAST!. However, for people who are overweight, summer can be an extremely depressing season. Yes, summer truly can be a nightmare for those of you who are heavier than you ought to be. Be it a few pounds or a few stones, the extra weight is unknowingly affecting your life and forcing you to make certain decisions- selecting the baggy top that shrouds your bingo wings over the short-sleeved shirt that is invariably cooler in such heat.        

The Fast Track 30 Minute Weight Control session boosts your willpower and trains you into maintaining a diet until it becomes part and parcel of your daily routine, it also encourages you to be more active.

Fast Track Weight Control or The Incredible 30 minute Gastric Band Session is about making your body at one with your mind, about giving you the strength to say no to that bag of crisps and to say yes to a new, slimmer YOU. With it, you´ll soon shed the pounds and as such, your self-confidence will flourish as will your self-esteem. You´ll not only look like a brand new person, you’ll feel like one too!

” I came for Fast Track Hypnosis after having gained weight after giving up smoking on my own  and the following August I had lost  4 stone ( 25.4 Kilos )  I have been honest with people and told them just as I am writing it now ” it was easy to lose the weight ” . I didn’t feel I was missing out, I didn’t feel I was depriving myself, I didn’t feel miserable, I felt great and the more weight I lost the better I felt.
So If you are reading this I would just say ” DO IT  NOW !”…………….Jacinta…………”

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