T.M.G.S. @ CAMPOAMOR 5/4/17

Photo: Gold category winners.

An early start was required for our Captain’s Day at Campoamor to accommodate the 50 participating players. The course is in really good condition these days and that makes block tee times harder to aquire.

Fortunately for us it turn out to be an advantage, apart from a little excess water on the greens the early start meant that we had the best of the weather, warm sunshine and NO wind. These perfect conditions were certainly reflected in the scores in all Categories. The other advantage in beginning early is that you can get around quickly; it took our first group just 4 hours to complete the 18 holes.

Results; N.T.P.’s Hole 4 P. Boyling, Hole 6 L. Jernberg, Hole 10 T. Norris, Hole 15 Nada, Hole 17 N. Spaniol. Our best guest this week was M. Margren with 26 pts. Bronze category; 4th R. Rea 37 pts. 3rd G. Chapman 40 pts. 2nd S. Twentyman 40 pts. L/H. 1st R. Cox 41 pts.. Silver category; 4th A. Rickers 36 pts. 3rd I. Parkinson 38 pts. 2nd A. Kilnes 38 pts. L/H  1st O. Rong 38 pts. L/H. Gold category; 4th B. Watson 33 pts. L/H 3RD N. Spaniol 35 pts. 2nd J. Dean 36 pts. 1st T. Norris 41 pts.

Date for your diary; 8/5/17 away day to Las Pinaillas (Albacete) includes, BUS, GREEN FEE + BUGGY + MEAL+ Comp fee, fantastic price of just €65 per player. For more info please visit www.tmgs.org or @TMGSGOLF or Facebook/TMGSGOLF, you can also download our new mobile app from our website. Call 661 524 101