The San Miguel Strollers recently took part in a Walking Football competition held at the CDM sports center Playa Flamenca and organised by The Playa Famenca  Walking Wanderers.

This is an annual event The Kieth Whiteman Trophy to celebrate the Life of a passed member.

There were 10 teams invited to play in this years event and there were 3 teams who came over from England to participate.

These teams were:- Coventry City in the Community, Leggy Mambos  They are based in Barnsley South Yorkshire, Hartshill Strollers. They are from Dudley in the West Midlands

It was an all day event played with 2 leagues of 5 teams and the final was played between Playa Flamenca Walking wanderers 1st team and Daya Vieja which was a repeat of the final from last year.

The eventual winners were as Last year Playa Flamenca Walking Wanderers 1st  team.

Walking Football has really taken of in the last few years and is helped on in the community by these 2 clubs San Miguel Strollers and Playa Flamenca, it is played by people over the age of 55 who may or may not have footballing skills and want to gain/maintain a healthy body through sport and enjoy a good social life.

For more information contact:- Bill Whitehouse  smstrollers@gmail.com  or Bob or Maggie   bobbyg2542@hotmail.com