Almoradi Civil Protection

With almost 400 fatalities the earthquake which took place on 21 March 1829 is being remembered in Guardamar, Torrevieja and Almoradi with a number of commemorative events.

Over half of the deaths were in Almoradi where, in addition to the fatalities, there were a further three hundred injured, many of them seriously, and virtually all left naked, hungry and deprived of any shelter.

A total of 2,965 houses were destroyed and another 2,396 were badly damaged as the quake peaked at a magnitude of 6.6 on the Richter scale.

Every year in Almoradi, its inhabitants parade Saint Emigdio, the patron saint of earthquakes, around the town, as worshippers pray to the memory of all victims.

The program of activities began last Friday with a nightly vigil and parade. On Saturday there was an exhibition by the Red Cross, Civil Protection, Canine Rescue, and Search and Rescue (ECOS ByRMA) as they demonstrated much of the equipment they would now use in an earthquake emergency.

Today, Monday 20, two talks are being held at the institutes Antonio Sequeros and Azud de Alfeitamí to raise awareness among students about the seismic risk and then the program of events will culminate tomorrow, Tuesday 21, with a mass in the church of San Andrés (19.00 hours) following which members of the Local Police and Civil Protection will make pray to San Emigdio to protect the locality from future earthquakes.