Well, we finally set off from “The Bar With No Name” at 10:25 and drove out into the countryside for ages.  Twenty-five walkers set off along the track towards the ruins of Los Rojos.  There was a brief stop at the buildings where Jon announced that “The Bar With No Name” is called “Café Bar Juped” and has a website www.jupedtripod.com , which does not work!

On the walkers (49% Mazarrón and 51% San Juan) went towards the rambla where a break was taken.  Still no story from the Welsh man. (Probably sulking).

The walk continued down the rambla, which turned out to be quite wet. An eagle was spotted and two frogs swam in a puddle, but no exit. With many muddy feet, the walkers finally emerged from the rambla and returned to the cars.

A swift drive back to El Pareton and the backroom of Maria Josefa’s restaurante was laid out ready for enormous plates full of guiso, pollo and potatas bravas accompanied by some vino and cerveza. No supper that night for the weary walkers as the springs of their cars sagged. Thanks for Audrey leading with a very little help from the Crystal Palace Man.